Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why I think you should drink WATER

(ug!!! I'm going crazy! I can't get my return button to stick. When I post, for some reason it's all stuck together in one big clump!)
I have been thinking about making a post about how important it is to drink water because in my mind it is one of the most important healthy lifestyle choices you can make. So I started looking online for great and inspiring lists if why we drink it and the FIRST one I read is about how there is no significant scientific research... yatta, yatta, yatta!! :p It totally burst my bubble! But it was interesting and if you want, you can read it here. Now I'm going to go ahead anyhow and tell you 3 reasons why I think you should be drinking water. #1 We live in the HOT DESERT! You know what happens in the heat... when you combine that with exercise you lose even more water. We need to REPLENISH and it is a fact that if you get thirsty you're already starting to get dehydrated, so drink up ladies, because being dehydrated can cause all sorts of problems... headaches, kidney problems, dry skin, muscles spasms and more. You can read more about staying hydrated here and here. #2 It's filling! I've noticed if I start having a craving, I'm often just thirsty. I drink a full glass of water and after about 10 minutes I'm not hungry for that food anymore. Really. Try it. #3 When you're drinking water you're NOT drinking something else that may contain lots of sugar, carbonation, or caffeine!! Not that you should never drink anything else, but think of how many calories you can save yourself just by swapping that coke for a water. I'm just saying.......... If you don't like water try some flavored water, perhaps try it with lemon and ice. Although it's better to drink it sans ice because you tend to drink more that way. That's all I have to say for now but here's more to read if you wish.... here and here and here and here

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