Sunday, April 17, 2011

this time is already added :)

click the comment button to post your time... "Activity not only helps you maintain the muscle you have, it helps in other ways too. For instance, it can help you build additional muscle so that your metabolism not only doesn't drop, but actually increases. When you exercise regularly, your muscles also increase production of enzymes that allow you to process more oxygen. The more oxygen available, the more calories you're able to burn-this gives your metabolism another significant lift." Bob Greene Author of The Best Life Diet


Lexi said...

So last weeks time:
Tuesday: 30min walk
Wednesday: 1 hour squats/leg raises/arm exercises/...just full body workout
Thursday: 30 min run
Friday: Relay for Life: I think Amber and Laura gave us 3 hours...felt like all night long, weird:)

Dora and Rick said...

4/8= 20min
4/11= 30min
4/13= 45 min
4/14= 45min
4/15= 45min
4/16= 45min
4=18= 50min, good to write mins down.

Laura said...

Wow, Lexi and Dora, your girls are doing great!

I got in 50 minutes of p90x with Jimmy today + 15 minutes of Ab Ripper X.

Thats 1 hour 5 minutes in all.

"I hate it... but I love it." -Tony Horton :)

Jessica said...

Yesterday (monday) 50 min and for today 30 min walk and 20 min with Jillian.

Brilliantly Bridge said...

mon 1hr running and 40min of the 10 min workout videos
Tue 1 mins the Y running on the treadmill and the wonderful abs-solutly class
Thur 1hr running and vids same as Mon
Friday relay for life
looks like 3 hours

For a total of 6 hours

Lexi said...

Monday= 45 min ybb/stretching and situps
Tuesday= 30 min squats/leg raises/stairs/situps
Wednesday= 15 min walk/situps/stairs/legs

proudnik_2009 said...

Mon= 30 minutes
Tues= 1 hr

Lexi said...

Thursday = 1 hr and 20 min walk/run
Friday = 36 min YBB and 4 min chaturungas(sp?) and downward dog poses.
Happy Easter weekend everyone!!

Twylla Gibbens said...

Fri- 1 hour walking

Laura said...

Thurs. 45 min. ybb
Fri. 25 min. jog to and from safeway
Sat. 1 hr. p90x

2:10 in all

Laura said...

***don't post any more exercise time here***