Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do you love to eat too??

Do you remember Marty from news channel 3? She was the health guru for AZ family. I asked her a question online once... I don't remember the question, but her response was something like, "We healthy people only eat to fuel our body, not to enjoy food." I was so sad! I was already in love with food. This morning I ate scrambled egg whites with sauteed bell peppers and a piece of wheat toast with a little bit of organic peanut butter.... it made me very happy. I don't think Marty was right on that one.


Robin said...

I love food too. But I have an unhealthy relationship with food, because I eat when I am bored, or lonely or depressed or happy. I am an emotional eater and I struggle with that.

Riley said...

I like food too. I like how food tastes and I like preparing food with my family. I think that food is meant to be enjoyed.

Laura said...

I very much agree with you Stefanie :) and, Robin, I'm the same way... I can usually find a healthy snack when I'm bored, or happy, but it takes a lot of extra will power when I'm eating because I'm depressed or frustrated. Especially if I just put to bed two *CRANKY* children, all I want to do is go drown my frustrations in a bowl of ice cream or chocolate chip cookies (as it were last night)!! That's not bad every once in a while, but I do need to work on portion control a little.