Saturday, April 23, 2011

this time is already added!!!! you rock!

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proudnik_2009 said...

Thursday April 21st- 30 minute walk

Riley said...

45 minutes for me this week.

Robin said...

Last week:
Mon: 1 hour combat class
Wed: 20 min with Jillian
Thurs: 1 hour combat class
Total 2:20

Jessica said...

I am behind with my time sorry, I already posted for a few days but here is the rest for wednesday april 20, 30 min walk and 10 min with jill, for thursday the same time, and I don't know if it counts but for friday 2 hours of walking on the beach in california and 4 hours of walking on the walk of fame in Los Angeles and yesterday (saturday the 24) we spended 14 hours in disneyland and I am so tired.

Bennetts said...

Well, I finally exercised this weekend. Fri, 4/22 -35 min Dancing with the Stars Workout, and 25 min walking. Saturday - 25 min Dancing with the Stars Workout

Total of 1 hour and 25 min last week. This is my last week of school and I will be better about exercising!

Lexi said...

Saturday = 35 min of Iron Yoga It's hard and I didn't like it a single little bit!....therefore I would not recommend it to anybody else :/
Monday = 12 min walk to the school and back and 36 min of YBB:)

Tanna said...

WOW!! My body is in pain....Tuesday Nikki WILD Bridge and I hit up a weight class at the Y and then Zumba on Thursday and to top it off a good work out of cardio(running) abs and enough squats to last a lifetime with my hubby:0) my total for the week is 3 and 1/2 hours happy workouts to you all:0)

Laura said...

My time with Jillian today was harder than usual! I don't know if it's because I'm still sore from doing p90x with Jimmy on Sat. or from all the JUNK I ate yesterday.... probably both.

20 minutes!

Good job everyone!!!!

melanie said...

Mon. 1 hr. 20 min
Tues. 30 min.
Wed. 1 hr.
Thurs. 1 hr.
Friday 30 min.

Brilliantly Bridge said...

Yea Tanna! This week should be good also!

Mon 1hr
Tue 2hr
Wed 1hr
Thur 1 1/2
Fri 1hr

6 1/2 hours total this week.

A breakfast idea 2 egg whites, a little low fat cheese, tomato and spinach. Alos a 1/2 cup oatmeal, ground flax seed and frozen blueberries.
It helps me stay full.

Love ya!

Kristie said...

The week before last I had 2 1/2 hours, last week I had 3 1/2 hours,and so far this week I have 1 1/2 hours. I will try to do better on my posting :)

Robin said...

Tuesday (today) 40 min
stair stepper machine and abs

Jessica said...

For today 30 min walk 20 min with Jillian and 20 min dance dvd.

melanie said...

Monday Apr. 26-1 hr. (45 min. run/walk-15 min toning/stretching)

Laura said...

I got in 15 more minutes last night... pilates. And for today - zero. :p maybe i'll work up some energy to go do something....

Thanks for the breakfast idea, nikki!!

So I found this fun little website, with a post on keeping your liver happy. I liked it-especially the yoga part-and thought you might too. :)

Robin said...

Today (wed) 20 minutes of Jillian dvd

Lexi said...

Tuesday and Wednesday = Nada:(
Thursday = 36 min YBB and looking forward to 9 miles tonight at 5...wish me luck:)

Jessica said...

For wednesday I got 30 min walk 20 min Jill and 10 min dance dvd, for thursday I got 30 min walk and 1hour dance dvd.

Laura said...

Wed. 50 minutes ybb
Thurs. 15 minutes jog + yoga
Fri. 45 minutes ybb
Sat. 30 minutes jillian + yoga

2 hours 20 minutes in all

Robin said...

Thursday 1 hour combat class (kicks my butt every time!)

Dora and Rick said...

26th Tues 2hr
27th Wed 2hr
28th Thurs 1:30hr
29th Fri 50min
30th Sat 2hrs

Holm Town News said...

So for this last week, I started my Jillian shred again and it is fabulous! I also have been dancing alot with the Wii!!! I played in a softball tournament on Saturday an I am sore in places I forgot about!! I will just post my total hours for the week, I need to be better about doing a day or two at a time! I have missed yoga for the last two weeks and feel it. Anyone who wants to join at the Anthem clubhouse let me know...Thursday nights 6:30-7:30 and Sat. from 8:30-9:30! You ladies are awesome!

Nikki, I love the egg whites and I also add broccoli, tomatoes and onions to mine with a little feta cheese! It is delicious!

Holm Town News said...

I forgot to leave my hours from April 25-30th

4 hours and 45 min!

Laura said...

For DORA... add 1 hour 55 min for the 21st and 22nd