Saturday, April 9, 2011

this time is already added...thank you!

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If you like to read how everyone's doing you can always click the comment button from last week, just be sure you don't post any more time on that one! :)


Holm Town News said...

I am posting my hours for last week! So excited to do this again with all of you ladies...
My total hours from the 1st through yesterday is 5:15
1st-30 min run
4th-45 min bike ride w/ David and Wii dancing
5th- 60 min combo run/Wii dancing
6th-60 min combo run/Wii dancing
9th- 2hr yoga for 1 and dancing with myself and then Laura joined in... I love the Wii Dance, you can really shake it!

Brilliantly Bridge said...

5 hours last week.
Mon Wed Fri Sat Sprint/walk 20mins and 40 mins.

Tue and Thur 30 yoga.

I am loving quaker old fashioned oatmeal, with a little natural peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla. Yum Yum!

Or greek yogurt with cinnamon and honey.

Love ya!

Lexi said...

Got in 36 min of YBB and 4 more mins of working on my stregth/form/flexability for yoga...4 a grand total of 40 mins this morning. Happy Monday everybody:)

Austyn, Neely and Tyler said...

Okay, I'm behind. My computer has been acting up. SO EXCITED to get toned up!!! YAY!!!

1st-45 min cardio
5th-55 min trouble zones w/ Jillian (KICKED MY BOOTIE!!!)
8th-45 min cardio
11-30 min. hip-hop dance video

So, total 2 hr 55 min so far.


Judd Family said...

Okay, another minutes for me today. Tyler wanted to dance so I pulled out the Salsa Cardio video. I think Ty moves better than I do! ;-)

Judd Family said...

Sorry, that should say 25 minutes :-)

Mrs. Laura said...

haha, I would love to see little Tyler doing some Salsa moves! good job for posting neely!! ;)

I love oatmeal too Nikki! In fact I was just going to do a post about that... but it might have to wait until another day. I've never tried it with Peanut Butter... sounds yummy.

Good job everyone!! I love reading all your posts. It makes me happy to see others exercising and enjoying it like i do :D

I got in 1 hour and 30 minutes today!!! Isaac was gone, Jimmy took Jacob, and Tressa took a long nap. I had all kinds of time so I mixed up a few ybb videos. It was fantastic!

Jessica said...

For today I had a 30 min walk and 20 min with jillian. It is so exited to read all of the comments from everybody good job girls.

Laura said...

Good job to you too Jessica! :)

I got one hour in today dancing on the wii!!!! I have found me new favorite workout. Thanks Amber!

Judd Family said...

Another 25 minutes yesterday, walking (thanks to Aiden and Twylla!!!)

proudnik_2009 said...

April 13th- I did 2 hours today. 1 1/2 cleaning and 30 minutes on my work out video.

proudnik_2009 said...

For Charlyn, because she doesn't know how to do this yet, I offered to post for her for now. She also did 2 hrs. of our work out video today April 13th.

Jessica said...

20 min with jillian and a 1 hour walk with my husband.

Tanna said...

Ok why I can't figure this out not sure but hopefully this works I spent Monday at DIsneyland walking all day but then realized how much I ate so I am going to say that they canceled each other out so I have this week so far 1 hour at the Y ran a mile and did upper body with free weights:0)

Robin said...

Monday 1 hour
Tuesday 20 minutes
Today 25 minutes

melanie said...

Mon. 1 hr.
Tues. 30
Wed. 30

Mindi said...

Sorry here is my total for last week and this week. 3 hours of walking while pushing 80 lbs of screaming children. Tons of fun :)

Laura said...

lol, :) you make me smile, mindi. I'm glad you got it in even with all the screaming kids!!

Tanna, I think you've got it now!

I got in 10 more minutes of yoga over the past few days and that's it!! :(

But I can't wait for tonight!! I'm going to walk a TON at relay for life. :)

Twylla Gibbens said...

Tues- 1 1/2 hours
weds- 1 hour
Thurs- 1 hour


Jessica said...

30 min walk for thursday and 20 min bikeride, and for friday 30 min walk and 20 min with Jillian.

melanie said...


Leslie and Dave said...

Thursday - 30 minutes
Friday - 30 minutes

Holm Town News said...

I am posting for last week now again...I am not so good at getting on my computer each day. I log on a piece of paper and then log. So
4/11- 45 min jog
4/12- 60 min dancing marathon
4/14- 60 yoga

Total 2:45

Laura said...

Okay, I was a maniac at the Relay for Life Friday night (as were a few of you) and I know I was on the track for more than half the night, but to be sure I don't claim more time than I deserve I will say a good solid 3 hours honest to goodness jogging and walking. + 10 minutes of yoga ;)

Holm Town News said...

I forgot to add my time in from Relay night...What a wonderful event that I am honored to be a part of in memory of my mother.
Thanks to all of you who supported your time, money, food, and love for this event. Any of you who want to do it next year, let me know. We can get more teams together and raise more money to fight cancer! I did not get as many blisters this year...:)
I will record 3 hrs for Friday/Sat!

Dora and Rick said...

4/18= 45min
4/19= 50 min
4/20= 65min
4/21= 65min
4/22= 75min
4/23= 65min

Dora and Rick said...

aahhh wrong time for 4/22 only 30 min, sorry... i was thinking seeing things when i wrote it down.. oh well, least i'm honest.