Sunday, June 19, 2011

This time has already been added!!!

I found a great article with some good ideas. Of course you are all already trying to make a habit because you joined FIT GIRLS! :) But if you still need a little boost, or you're starting to wear down a little, here are some gooood tips!

15 Tips to Restart the Exercise Habit (and How to Keep It)

"It’s okay, you can finally admit it. It’s been two months since you’ve seen the inside of the gym. Getting sick, family crisis, overtime at work and school papers that needed to get finished all kept you from exercising. Now, the question is: how do you start again?..."

Read the rest HERE.


Lexi said...

Monday = 43 minutes of pure HELL! I did Insanity and it is really insane:/

Good news: I got 9 new YBB dvd's 4 $10 on craigslist...whew hooo:) I'm extremely excited!

Laura said...

That is exciting Lexi!! I want to know what they are... maybe I can borrow one from you :)

twenty FIVE minutes of Jillian... I timed it and her "twenty" minute workouts are longer the twenty minutes... they're at least 25 :)

SO 25 minutes Jillian yesterday
25 minutes Jillian today
20 minutes "energy balancing" yoga today

1 hour 10 min in all

Jessica said...

I didn't do all that much the last few weeks but for yesterday 45 min walk en 45 min dance dvd and for today 45 min dance dvd.

Tanna said...

Ok last week I went to the Gym 3 times and for some odd reason I found myself just riding the bike so I only got in 2 hours, I have two weeks to get a beach body leaving for cali on the 2nd any ideas.

proudnik_2009 said...

k tuesday-1 1/2 hr swimming
thursday- 1 hr swimming

Lexi said...

Absolutely Laura. Come check out the collection anytime. You probably have most of them, but maybe there's one or two you don't have you'd like to try:)
Thursday = 35 min YBB
Friday = 30 min YBB + a 30 min bike ride
Saturday = 45 min YBB
That's it for me...

Laura said...

Thursday: 20 min. Yoga and 45 min. ybb
Friday: 25 min. Jillian

1 hour 30 min. in all :)

Holm Town News said...

I have a total of 4:25 for the last week and 1/2. Not great but I will go foward with a smile, right!

I have been doing Yoga, YBB, and Wii dancing, and a little running.