Sunday, June 12, 2011

This time is added!! Keep it up, girls!!

Here is a very interesting Healthy Lifestyle Quiz to check and see how we all might be doing...

I took it and found some areas I can improve on in my life. But what matters is that we all are aware and try better each day.

Let's take time for ourselves, we need it and deserve it!

Happy Exercising!!!


melanie said...

I have 8 hours not posted yet. Last week 5 and this week so far 3.

Swimming, riding bikes at night, treadmill, dancing, strength training, moving large furniture from downstairs to upstairs and room to room. I'm totally counting it because I was sweating and breathing hard and my muscles are super sore so I'm thinking that counts :) Happy Exercising!

Lexi said...

Last week = only 1hr 15 min walk
This week:
Monday= 1hr run/walk
Thurs= 45min run/walk
Fri= 35min YBB
Will post today's time later...

proudnik_2009 said...

Okay I'm slowly getting there, although the scale doesn't seem to agree with me....
Tues- 30 minutes swimming
Wed- 1 1/2 hours swimming
Thursday- 1 hr swimming
Friday- 1 hr kickball

Total-4 hours

Lexi said...

Saturday = 35 min weights and stretching

Lexi said...

Sorry, I thought I had wrote it on my calendar but I don't have it...can you please tell me the date of fit girls night out? I am also going to donate soon, I promise:)

Twylla Gibbens said...

1 h. Tues
1 hr. Fri.

Laura said...

I have 1 hour 25 minutes for this week! I need to get back on the ball!

Laura said...

Super job ladies!! Keep it going, we're almost there!!!

**no more posting time here! Thanks!**