Sunday, June 5, 2011

this time has already been added, thx:)

Did you know "they" changed the food pyramid?? It's now a plate. I like it. Check it out HERE. It's kind of a fun site to look around. :) Have a good week everyone!!


Riley said...

One hour for last week,

Tanna said...

3 and 1/2 hours for last week!! A really good ab work out and some serious push-ups with Dora:0) WWHHHOOO HHHOOO:0)

melanie said...

5 more hours last week.

Lexi said...

Great job Jessica and Nikki! So proud of all our fit girls:) This is so awesome!!

I'm sad to report though, that I won't be getting so fit this week:( I tried to hurry, closing the car door and failed to move my knee out of the I can hardly walk now cuz slamming my knee cap in the door makes for a very unhealthy, sore leg; to say the least!
Hopefully, I'll be able to exercise again by next week:/ Please say a little prayer that I may regain my full range of motion back...please :s
Thank you all, love ya lots:)
Happy Exercising!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Lexi, and I hope you will be better soon.
I bounced around for 1 hour with the kids at Bounce-U today and after that I was tired so my husband and I wachted the kids play.

Laura said...

Oh no, Lexi!! I hope you get better SOON!!!

45 min. Mon YBB
1:15 min. Today gym and bike

2 hours in all :)

Keep it up girls!!

proudnik_2009 said...

Charlyn- Wed June 1st-9 hrs moving, packing, cleaning, etc
Sat June 4th 10 hrs- unpacking, cleaning new house, moving furniture, etc
Sun June 5th- 1 hr swimming
Mon June 6th- 1 hr walking

ME- Wed June 1st- 4 1/2 hrs moving friend's urniture, packing boxes
Saturday June 4th- Sunsplash swimming, climbing lots of stairs, LOTS of walking- 5 hrs
Monday June 6th- Running 1 hr with Jacie and Braden
Tues June 7th- dancing, running around the house playing tag with my son- 1 hr
Wed June 8th- Dancing 1 hr

Robin said...

I'll be honest, with summer starting and my schedule all messed up, plus some depressing things going on I have been feeling blue. Seems like when exercise could most benefit me is when I cannot motivate myself. It was hard to get going, but yesterday and today I got 20 minutes with Jillian. So I guess 40 minutes is better than nothing.

Laura said...

Robin, I'm sorry you're going through some depressing things, I hope you are okay! :)

I got 45 on Thursday and 45 on Friday.

1 hour 30 minutes in all

Holm Town News said...

Hey ladies, Lexi hope you are feeling better...and Robin so sorry to hear about the blues, life is full of ups and downs. I hope you start to have more ups! You are all amazing women and I love being a part of this with you!

I have 3 1/2 hours for the week...
I started working Kids Camp this week and it is a long day, so we shall see what I can accomplish those days!