Monday, May 30, 2011

This time is already added!!! Keep on truckin'!

Happy Summer!!!!!!!

Remember that now that summer is upon us we need to stay hydrated and keep our kiddos safe in the sun...Below is a site that reminds us about taking care of ourselves in the heat.

Here are some more tips for a healthy summer lifestyle........ I hope you all enjoy this time with your kids and still continue to make time for yourself!!!


Laura said...

yay for summer! This morning the kids rode their bike to Safeway while Tressa and I jogged. We got bagels, juice, and bananas and had a picnic in a pretty little grassy area that's along a path that runs in the middle of our neighborhood. Tressa watched the birds fly by, the boys explored the desert and I READ!! Yes, I actually got to sit with a book and read. It was fantastic. We topped that off with a swim. I love the first week of summer, I feel like I need to be lazy and let the kids enjoy. I'm sure I'll feel like getting back to responsibilities next week!!! But I'm going to savor this week! :)

And with that loooong explanation... 30 minutes today.

Dora and Rick said...

5/16= 1hr40min
5/17= 2hr
5/18= 50min
5/20= 70min
5/21= 30min
5/23= 30min
5/25= 30min
5/27= 1hr 45min
5/28= 2hr

Brilliantly Bridge said...

I haven't logged last weeks time so, for 2 weeks I excercised a total of 9 hours. I am also excited for summer. I love being with my kids. Here's to many activities near and far.

Robin said...

i only have 2:30 to add since i last posted

melanie said...

5 hours last week.

This week:
Monday May 30- 1 hour
Tuesday May 31-1 hour

We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I'm getting bad at keeping track anymore. Are we there yet? Hahaha

Laura said...

I got my yoga mat out this morning, then instead of exercising sat down to quickly finish my book. As soon as I finished I turned my video on and 10 minutes into it Tressa was calling to me from her crib... I missed my window of opportunity and there lay my yoga mat for the rest of the day... When I wound down at 10:30 it was still waiting for me. There was no way I was going to get my whole ybb video in so I did 20 minutes of pilates while watching The Office. Funny. Funny. Show.

30 minutes in all.

Dora- WOW!!!!

Nikki, Robin, Melanie-Good Job Girls. You are all AWESOME!!

Jessica said...

One hour for on tuesday and 2 hours on wednesday.

Holm Town News said...

I have not posted very well either ladies...So or the last few weeks and the start of this week my hours are...

(Yoga, YBB, Jillian, Bike ride)

Congrats Dora..You are amazing!
All you ladies are inspiring and I love ya!

Lexi said...

Yay, I made it:) Thanks for cheering me on! You're all so awesome and I'm thankful for fitGirls to help me be accountable.
Monday = 1 hr run with 15 minutes walking. It was awesome but poor Kanton rode his bike along w/ me and he got tired at about 2 1/2 miles so that was hard but we kept truckin along anyway. He was a trooper!
Tues and Wed = my 12 hr shifts at work, I was too tired to do any workouts:(
Thurs = 1 hr run/walk (I walk/sprint/jog to burn more calories by making my heart rate high then low, over and over again:)

Jessica said...

20 min today

Manda said...

ok so i finally got on here!!!! so I am just going to add all of my time instead of breaking it done. Its a whopping 10 hrs!!! LOL I am a little behind, but hoping to catch up a little this week!!! So glad its summer vacation!

Lexi said...

Friday = 35 min Yoga Booty Ballet plus 10 min booty blaster then 5 min of the card pickup squats:)
Saturday = 30 min Yoga/Denise Austin and 5 min of abs w/ pilates

Laura said...

Saturday 45 min. ybb
Fri 10 min. yoga
Thurs 35 min jogging and yoga

1:30 in all

Yay for making it Lexi!! Yay for finally logging time Amanda!!! And yay Jessica and Amber and everyone!!! :D

Laura said...

***this time is added***