Monday, May 23, 2011

This time has been added!!!!

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I get a great newsletter from The latest one had articles about body confidence... maybe because it's swimsuit season?! :p You can read these articles and find lots of other great resources here.


Lexi said...

Saturday = 35 min YBB (got my new YBB order in, Thank you Laura for getting me hooked...I will get you your video back!)
Monday = 1 hr 15 min of running and walking this morning, whew was awesome! Then it has been non-stop Spring cleaning here, NOT FUN AT ALL! But most of it's done now so I feel better:)
Happy Monday everybody!!

melanie said...

3 hrs. last week for me :)

Lexi said...

I got in another YBB video today, yay! 40 more minutes:)

proudnik_2009 said...

Me- I got busy having a baby and forgot to post but 2 hrs for April 26th, spring cleaning. Will have to try and play catch up soon, been SUPER sick.

Charlyn- 2 hours Sat, 2 hours Sunday- yard work. Monday- 1 hr walking. Tuesday- 30 minutes walking, Wed- 1 hr Zumba

Laura said...

I got 20 minutes on the bike yesterday and 30 minutes dancing!!

50 minutes in all :)

Lexi, I'm so glad you like ybb too!

Tanna said...

Ok I want in on the YBB! For last week I had 3 hours and now that school is out I want to kicks some booty at the Y:0) Congrats DORA !!!
she is hard core everyday two hours

Laura said...

Today I got 20 minutes jillian
10 minutes bike
30 minutes dance!!

1 hour in all

Tanna... you can borrow a ybb video! Neely has two of mine right now, maybe she'll let you use one. :)

Jessica said...

Ok so friday I cleaned (and I mean a real deep cleaning where you are on your hands and knees) my mom's new house from 8am -5pm and yesterday we helped her move from 6:30am til 10pm that most count for something right and I am so tired and everything hurts!!

Lexi said...

Tues = 36 min
Wed = 40 min
Thurs = 35 min
Fri = 35 min
All YBB baby, wooo hooo:)
No Saturday workout:(

Bennetts said...

Last week I started out strong and then got sick and fizzled out at the end. I did exercise for 3 hours and 20 minutes last week. I walked, swam laps, and did Power 90. Determined to keep going this week. -Selina

proudnik_2009 said...

ME- (nikki)- Last wed may 1st i helped a friend move furniture and boxes. LOTS of lifting- 4 1/2 hrs.

went swimming and climbing stairs at Sunsplash on saturday- 5 hrs

Charlyn- Saturday 10 hrs of moving, cleaning, unpacking boxes, etc
Sunday- 1 hr swimming
Monday-1 hr walking