Monday, May 2, 2011

all because of heather

This fit girls blog has been going on for at least the last four years and we owe it all to Heather and her friend Kemra. Heather is a great friend that had a great idea when she was moving away. She and Kemra wanted to have one last HOO-RAH before she left and they also wanted to EXERCISE. So they combined the two with SAN DIEGO OR BUST! The idea was they would exercise the equivalent miles to San Diego, then actually go to San Diego. I was invited to join the group and I was totally reluctant because of awful back problems I was having, but I joined anyway, because I hate to be left out. The trip itself was a bust for me (I didn't go), but the blog wasn't!!!! The competitive side of me came out and it got me exercising. I loved it and I wanted to keep on going and so I did. ** And I haven't had any more major back problems since.** That's one of the reasons I'm so addicted to exercise. So my point is, Heather and Kemra are awesome!! And I owe a lot to them!!

thank you. thank you. thank you.

And Heather is still motivating me and making me smile here at A Goddess in Progress.

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